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“6月中旬,阅兵队伍来到宁静体育场,那里的大屏幕上播放了中国人民解放军阅兵的视频片段,”“体育场里在场的所有观众都为之拍手。”Six Chinese instructors from the People's Liberation Army Honor Guard trained 22 squads from the Rwanda Defense Force and police for the military parade celebrating Rwanda's 25th Liberation Day.北京卫戌区仪仗大队的六名中国教官援训了22个方阵,指导由1600余人组成的卢旺达到场阅兵的军队和警员到场卢旺达解放25周年庆典阅兵式。

Instead of Western military formations, this year's military parade adopted Chinese-style formations.今年的卢旺达阅兵式专门接纳了中式操典和口号。The PLA instructors came up with numerous techniques to get closer to and gain trust of the African troops while training.到场援训的教官运用了种种技巧,在训练时在官兵中建设相互信任的关系。Squads of African soldiers goose-stepped toward the rostrum, swinging their arms widely and shouting loudly in accented Chinese "Yi! [One!] Er! [Two!]," in response to their commander shouting in Chinese "Eyes right!"阅兵方阵迈着整齐一致的程序行进,“向右看”“一、二”等中文口令声响彻卢旺达国家宁静体育场。

This was the scene during the military parade held on July 4 in Kigali, capital of Rwanda, to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the end of the genocide in Rwanda. During the parade, instead of the Western marches of previous celebrations, the troops adopted Chinese marches and commands that had been taught to them by Chinese instructors. 卢旺达解放25周年庆典7月4日在卢首都基加利举行。庆典阅兵中使用中国行列行动和口令,圆满完成阅兵任务。At the invitation from the Rwanda Defense Force, a crew of six instructors from the Honor Guard of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) helped train Rwanda soldiers and police for the military parade.应卢旺达军方邀请,来自中国人民解放军仪仗大队的指导组从今年3月开始为卢旺达解放25周年庆典阅兵式举行指导,革新受阅队伍行列行动。The orderly formation during the parade showed the spirit and energetic looks of the soldiers and police officers, which impressed the Rwanda military. They thanked the Chinese instructors after the parade and said that they would keep using the Chinese-style formation, China Central Television reported. 此次阅兵激感人心,士兵们程序统一,展现出受阅队伍的精神面目,给卢旺达军方留下了深刻的印象。

据中国中央电视台报道,阅兵竣事后,卢旺达军方专门派人慰问和谢谢了中国教官,他们表现,在以后的阅兵式中,还将继续使用这种彰显军容军纪的排列式方式。Senior Colonel Han Jie, leading officer of the PLA Honor Guard, told the Global Times that the training group overcame unfavorable conditions such as language barriers and an arduous environment to fulfill their mission and bring honor to the PLA. 中国人民解放军仪仗大队大队长韩捷,大校,在接受《举世时报》英文版采访时表现,培训组克服了语言障碍和艰辛情况等倒霉条件,幸不辱命地完成任务,为祖国和军队争得了荣誉,通报了两国两军友谊。Since 1949, China has held a dozen military parades, which are among the largest in the world. The members of the PLA Honor Guard, which has participated in multiple national parades, undergo very rigorous training and have impressed the world with their ordered and stunning performances.自1949年以来,中国举行过十多次阅兵,规模弘大。到场过多次阅兵的解放军仪仗大队成员接受了很是严格的训练,并以行列行动整齐大方、威武雄壮给世界留下了深刻的印象。

This is not the first time that a foreign parade has featured Chinese-style drills instead of Western military formations. In December 2017, the Qatar military used the PLA's goose-stepping moves in the Qatari National Day military parade in Doha, capital of the State of Qatar.这也不是外国军队首次在庆典阅兵中使用中国行列行动。2017年12月18日,卡塔尔首都多哈举行盛大阅兵式,庆祝卡塔尔国庆节。

阅兵式中的14个徒步方队,全部以中国式行列和中国式正步来接受校阅。Impressed by Rwanda soldiers中方教官对卢旺达士兵深刻印象The six PLA instructors were sent to Rwanda to help train nearly 2,000 defense forces and national police personnel. Before leaving China, they had asked senior soldiers who used to train foreign military for tips and tactics. They also spent two weeks making detailed training plans. 六名解放军教官应邀被派往卢旺达资助培训近2000名军队和警员。在脱离中国之前,他们曾向援训过外国军队的老兵学习训练技巧和计谋。

他们还花了两周时间制定详细的培训计划。Lieutenant Yang Chengqun, 27, the team leader for the training mission in Rwanda, told the Global Times that considering the number of Rwandan soldiers, the Chinese instructors first trained some squad leaders and then extended training to smaller units. 中尉杨成群(1992年生人),在周一(7月29日)接受《举世时报》英文版采访时表现,为了能更好地再现出中国式阅兵庆典,在援训主干人数少,培训人数多的情况下,接纳先培训主干再方队编成,先分队训练再合练。

Liu Baoxin, 22, was one of the six instructors. He was responsible for training the squad leaders. He was impressed by the efforts and persistence of the Rwandan soldiers.一期士官刘宝鑫(1997年生人)在周六(7月27日)接受《举世时报》英文版采访时表现,他卖力训练主干向导,对他们投入训练的精神印象十分深刻。"They were so committed to the training and took detailed notes. They would also earnestly imitate the moves we demonstrated," said Liu. 刘教官说:“培训时他们很是专注,做了详细的条记。我们做示范行动时,卢旺达的军官认真模拟。

”"We were training during the rainy season, so it rained almost every afternoon. We trained together in the rain and our uniforms were wet from a mix of the raindrops and sweat," Liu said. 刘教官指出“卢旺达有雨季和旱季,我们训练是在雨季,险些天天下午都下雨,我们在雨中一起训练,制服上不是雨滴就是汗水。”Liu also noted that the Rwandan soldiers were always on time for training sessions, which were at least 8 hours every day. The Chinese instructors gave them immediate feedback to help them improve. 刘教官还指出,卢旺达士兵总是准时到场训练,天天至少8小时。中国教教官实时向他们反馈信息,资助他们革新。Shi Deyu, 23, was responsible for training the color guard within one month. 史德宇(1996年生人)接到的任务是训练到场阅兵式上的第一方阵,也是旗手方阵,他有约莫一个月的时间准备。

"The average height of the group was 1.95 meters and they were very young. These soldiers needed to carry the national flag and the military flag," Shi said.“第一排战士的平均身高为1.95米。他们需要举国旗、军旗,年事相对比力小。”史教官回忆说。

Shi was under pressure and needed the soldiers to understand the importance of the formation.史教官感受到了压力,他必须资助官兵明白这个方阵的重要性。"Our training lasted from 8:oo am to 11:30 am without break. I simplified the training and let them rest once they did better," Shi said.“我们的训练时间从上午8点到11点半,没有休息。我训练模式越发简化,只要方阵能够做好我们就可以休息。

”史教官说。Shi said that the Rwandan squads consisted of soldiers of various ranks with a year to five years of military experience.史教官说卢旺达的训练队伍由差别级此外士兵组成,他们从军时间从一年到五年不等。

"Each team member had a different level of understanding and physical fitness," he said, noting that this was also one of the major challenges they faced when starting the training. “每个士兵的明白能力和身体素质差别,“他说,指出这也是他们在开始训练时面临的主要挑战之一。However, the Rwanda soldiers "were so willing to learn and eager to excel that even when they were tired, they did not ask for a break.卢旺达士兵很是愿意学习、很要强,纵然他们累了,他们也不会要求休息。"I had to check every few hours to see if they were okay," Shi said, noting that a female soldier fainted during the training. After a 10-minute break, she returned to continue training. “我每隔几个小时就要检查一下他们是否需要休息,”史教官说,并指出曾有位女兵在训练期间晕倒。

休息10分钟后,她回来继续训练。Rong Zhichang, a 23-year-old instructor, said that in order to inspire the soldiers during the later period of training, the Chinese instructors encouraged them to sing local songs and play some games. 一期士官荣志昌(1996年生人)说,到了阅兵训练的后期,为了引发士兵们的士气和提高战斗力,指导小组让队伍通过合唱当地歌曲来找回他们的激情。All the efforts made by the Chinese instructors and Rwanda soldiers paid off as they kept in perfect formation during the parade. 中国教官和卢旺达士兵所做的一切努力都获得了回报,因为他们在阅兵期间保持了完美的阵型。


"The President of Rwanda Paul Kagame was very happy with the military parade and their military leaders thanked us," Zhang Jinqing, one of the six PLA instructors, told the Global Times. 张金庆(1997年生人)在接受《举世时报》英文版采访时说,“卢旺达总统保罗卡加梅对阅兵的体现感应满足,卢军方向导人对我们表现了谢谢。”Increased bilateral exchanges 中卢双边交流更为顺畅In recent years, China and African countries have strengthened military cooperation. About 2,000 African students come to China's military academies every year, such as the Dalian Naval Academy, according to a release sent to the Global Times during the first China-Africa Peace and Security Forum convened in Beijing in July.近年来,中国和非洲国家增强了军事互助。据7月在北京召开的首届中非宁静与宁静论坛期间发给举世时报的新闻稿,每年约有2000名非洲学生来到中国的军事院校学习,如大连水师学院。The mission to train Rwanda soldiers also increased the bilateral communications between the Chinese PLA instructors and Rwandan military.培训卢旺达士兵的任务也促进了中卢两军之间的双边交流。

Zhang said that the Chinese instructors prepared gifts for the Rwandan soldiers, including cool and refreshing oils, which are popular among soldiers. 张教官说,指导小组还为卢旺达士兵准备了一些礼物,好比风油精,这在士兵中很受接待。"By talking to them, we learned that many of the soldiers visited China and are familiar with Chinese culture," Zhang said.“通过与他们攀谈,我们相识到许多士兵会见过中国并熟悉中国文化,”张教官说。Rong noted that some of the Rwanda soldiers know Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan. 荣教官说他们中的一些人知道李小龙、成龙。

"We built trust and understanding with the Rwanda soldiers. By the end of the training, the soldiers asked me to keep in touch, and they send me simple messages via WeChat now and then," Shi noted. “我们与卢旺达士兵建设了信任和明白。在训练竣事时,士兵们让我保持联系,他们时不时通过微信给我发送简朴的信息。”史教官说。

Rwandan military officials paid great attention to the Chinese instructor's daily life and often asked them whether they were used to their accommodations. 卢旺达军方官员很是重视中国教官的日常生活,并常询问他们是否习惯饮食住宿。Lieutenant Yang told the Global Times that he felt proud when the formations shouted the Chinese commands during the review. He said he believes that this mission helped deepen China-Rwanda ties. 杨中尉告诉举世时报,在阅兵期间,当整齐的行列喊着中文口号通过校阅台时,他心里的自豪感油然而生。他说,他相信援训任务的圆满完成有助于深化中卢关系。

Yang is not the only one who feels a sense of pride. 杨中尉的自豪感在其他教官中也有所呼应。"In mid-June, the parade was relocated to the Amahoro National Stadium, where a video clip of Chinese PLA military parades was played on the stadium's huge screen," Rong said, talking about what he felt was one of the most impressive events during the entire training assignment.“6月中旬,阅兵队伍来到宁静体育场,那里的大屏幕上播放了中国人民解放军阅兵的视频片段,”荣教官谈到他认为整个援训任务最令人印象深刻的事情时说。

"The video showed the Chinese military parade held in Beijing in 2009 and another one in 2015 marking the 70th anniversary of the victory of the Chinese people's War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression," Rong recalled. "The entire audience at the site applauded."“那段视频包罗,2009年在北京的中国国庆阅兵、2015年龄念中国人民抗日战争胜利70周年的阅兵,”他回忆说,“体育场里在场的所有观众都为之拍手。”Training abroad has also given PLA instructors more chances to learn about the real Africa. 赴外洋培训也让解放军教官有更多时机相识真正的非洲。"Rwanda is known as the Singapore of Africa. It was safe and clean. We did not see trash in the street and people don't use plastic bags. Brown paper bags are used instead. Every Saturday, all citizens take time off to clean up, according to the law," Liu noted. “卢旺达素有‘非洲的新加坡’的美誉,当地很宁静,卫生条件很好。我们在街上没有看到垃圾,人们也不使用塑料袋,而是用牛皮纸取代。


作者:Global Times/Dong Feng。